Mexican Adventures

The air was hot and humid as the sorching sun set in the sky

The plane ride was just as bad as the weather 

A feeling of nausea came over me on the way home 

And your ears in horrendous pain from high altitude 

But the scenery was beautiful

Nice blue skies that seem to go one for miles

A birds eye view

Sparkling crystal blue water, the bluest I have ever seen

It was worth the terrible plane ride


Our first adventure within an adventure was the beach and pool

Located side by side

The sand felt like a plush blanket

The pool had all sorts of fun, including for father, a swim-up bar


It was strange though, not understanding their language

Feeling like an outcast


Our next adventure was "Xish Caret", a mayan ruin tourist site

With underwater cave snorkeling

So different than the beach, warm and soft

The cave water freezing and harsh

But under became an array of colorful fish, an image I have never seen before

Nothing of that magnitude of beauty


Then I saw the biggest iguana ever, the size of a medium dog

Of course father loved it and suggested to take it home, as a joke, I hope


Our next adventure involved dolphins, magnificent creatures they are

So smart and friendly, swimming with them feels like an out-of-world experience

Strange how we can trust mammals such as dolphins but not other humans


In years past i have never had an adventure this great

But in years forward there may be more to come

Adventures like Paris where they speak the language of love

A language I know a bit of

Or Italy where art thrived in the Renaissance era

Or Greece where I encounter those magnificent waters again

Or Rome the land of gladiators

Or Rio De Janerio, an exotic place of its own

Filled with many, many adventures  

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