As A Mexican

I won't hide what I am as you whisper your stereotypical statements,

Are you confused because you've never seen one of my kind make it

Anywhere significant?

Be rude and blatant,

There is no escaping the fury and wrath that I have taken,

Molded from the superiority you feel you have over other races.

I hate that you've been able to get inside my cranium,

Managed to loosen these bolts made of titanium,

All of these innocent people, I don't mean to endanger them.

Strangely, you've made me insane and I'm about to explode like nuclear uranium,

You wouldn't dare give me any power, yet I remain a glimpse of hope for my people,

This is what I do for them if you won't challenge me with weapons lethal,

I'll challenge your mind so feeble, pick it apart and show the world we don't need you,

We're better without you, and I don't even have to defeat you.

This on-going battle is pointless because you know you're nothing without us,

You took over our world, you're going to need something major to build our trust,

Eliminate the border, take away the desperation from our nation,

Be the heroes we deserve, our race is one that needs them,

Until then I shall remain at the forefront with the battle cry: "Intelligence is Freedom!"



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