Metisse Heart (mixed heart)

Like a mixed-race,but this is in the soul,Is like saying;I am more than my body is.I value for my soul for my feelings,is using style.

How is that you can ignore me
Very easily
How is that you see me cry
And you dont say anything
Never will find out
What i saw in you
It Was love of truth
I implored
So you return to me
When you're not here

Never saw someone ignore
The paradise in front of himself
Ignore the unbreakable heart
Of the better absence
That could loved you

How can you ignore me
If nobody sees what i saw in you
And although I had my hope in you
Also I have mix in the soul
Also I have right to love again
With color love like mine
Like my race
And my race of the soul
Because I also have the metisse heart.
-Jonatan Vega


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