Method of Choice....Overkill

A Gun is fatal and does the job
Pull the trigger, no head to throb
However its loud and could cause a scene
Facts of your death, your neighbors will glean
Not that it matters cause youll be dead
A closed casket will be your death bed
So go out with a bang and be noticed at last
Just like your future, dead is your past

Silent and subtle, the knife disagrees
Suicide is personal, for this case it pleas
On another note, the knife also reminds
Between pain and pleasure, thin are the lines
Bullet through head, its over too fast
A cut down the wrist youll feel something at last
Warm and soothing indeed is the blood
Running down your arms, your feet in a flood
Youve been high before but nothing compares
To the peaceful passing into permanent affairs

The pills enter now, and begin to persuade
Of one last good time, in their direction you wade
To help you cope ive always been there
To choose another would be so unfair
When everyone left you I was your dose
For euphoria and coping, I mattered most
Your tolerance built and you stopped taking me
Try an entire bottle and at long last be free

Looking down at the ground the voice in your head
Has a reminder for you, heres what he said
Excitement and adrenaline, was your first escape
Your ability to feel them, depression did rape
Theres no turning back now, indeed thats a fact
Jump down to me, itll make a deep impact

I open the pills and down them all
I want my mind open before the great fall
Lacerating my wrists the knife gets a chance
To show me its pleasures, while the chemicals dance
Gun to my head while i sway at the edge
Plummeting now I fulfill my great pledge
The trigger is pulled in midair Im dead
To no worse of an ending, could my choices have led
The impact oblierates me an abstract scene indeed
Heavy rain washes the viscera, at last my soul is freed



This makes me think of many ways a person can choose to kill

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