I’ve only lived once

One mind, one body, one spirit,

But with these two hands,

            these ten fingers,

I’ve touched you now.

Try and forget; try and avoid me

(you don’t know me and I don’t know you)

but I swear, turn away now and you’ll only live once.

Look into these eyes

This isn’t a joke, this isn’t art

It’s me trying to connect with you

Across the stage, across millions of air molecules,

Across the electrons that will keep us apart no matter how close we think we are

But trying anyways


To make this life more than just something that’s lived once,

             —Alone, isolated—

To live just one more time in your thoughts

You’re not an audience, you’re my muse, my lifeline, my savior

And as I stand here

            And you sit there

                        And we know each other better than lovers

We’ve lived once more.



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