The naive caterpillar twists in all directions

That's what I love the most

That's right, follow the path you think is best

Shout away all your frustrations any day,

Every day,

'Cause it's never too late.


Yeah right.

That's what they all say"

But honey, they may be right,

It's time to open your eyes

Break from that beautiful chrysalis that I love so much

See the world around you? Twist your eyes and see,

All game and no play only make life hard for thee

So laugh it out, have fun, it's okay for you,

Make the painful voices in your head disappear

Play hard until your worries fade away...

And when the caterpillar becomes a butterfly in your soul

You have found happiness, my dear,

Welcome to the world.

That's what I love the most, after all.


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