A Message For You

Teachers, why do you teach suppositions, nonsense, and falsehoods?

It is your duty to dispense useful and factual information to others.


Politicians, you have perpetrated evil against poor civilians.

Your days as oppressors are numbered and your regimes will fall.


Judges, you are far from being just and honourable persons,

But you want people to address you with the title “Your honour.”


Lawyers, you are neither interested in guilt nor innocence.

You want to win cases, to achieve prestige, and to make money.


Preachers, you indoctrinate people with unprovable stories.

And you shun those who do not accept your religious beliefs.


Bankers, you always portray yourselves as honest businesspeople.

However, you study how to rip off people and get off scot-free.


Homosexuals, your sexual orientation is in fact contrary to nature.

You should not want to adopt children, have your own children.


Warmongers, you kill one another in conflicts because of patriotism.

Do you not know that all human beings are brothers and sisters?


Backbiters, you mischievously gossip about people behind their backs.

If you have something to say about someone, say it to his or her face.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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