Message to Prevent Teen Pregnancy

Tue, 08/06/2013 - 20:51 -- DATONYA

     I created this new phrase called, ‘’ if you leave wonderland to go to candy land, then expect to leave with something unpleasant.’’


 If you never watched Peter Pan, it was a movie about a young boy called Peter who lived on a land where children never grew up. The children remained pure and joyful but the main reason is that their minds were never tainted with the negatives of being naive.


 On the other hand, in candy land every kids dream is to visit a place absence of parental guidance to explore a world they didn’t need to yet experience.


 In candy land, you can have so much fun and not worry about what life may bring tomorrow.


 Mommy and daddy always say that if you eat too much candy then you will have to deal with the consequence of having cavities.


So beware young teens and children, when you decide to cross that path into a new world that results in giving birth to a new human being.


Sometimes tough love is what we need, and if push comes to shove and you find that love who offers all, just remember what the oldies say because its hard to get back up when you fall.


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