A Message to My Ex Best Friend

Sometimes people fall apart 

or end friendships, 

and that's okay 

because life still goes on.

I forgive you for ending ours,

even if I don't believe it was fair;

I forgive you for not telling me why,

and having to find out from 3 others;

I forgive you for throwing it all away,

even if it did hurt me more than anything.

I'm over it now;

The sadness, the anger, the self-blame,

all of it.

I've accepted we're not friends anymore

and most likely never will be again,

and I'd like to say thank you.

Despite all our downs,

our fights, our times spent not talking,

and our fallout,

we had a lot of great memories together,

so thank you for all of those.

Throughout seven years of friendship,

you showed me a lot, 

like how to live in the moment,

how to stand up for myself,

how to have my own confidence,

and how to be a better person;

thank you for teaching me.

You were always

the best part of my life;

the sunshine in my dark storm,

the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow,

and my second half;

thank you for being my good in all the bad.

When you left,

a whole part of me was ripped away,

and my entire life changed yet again.

Thank you.

Thank you for leaving me,

because that helped more than it hurt.

Of all the things you've taught me,

your abandonment let me learn

the difference between true 

and fake friends.

After you were gone,

I found my own group of friends

who are real and like me for me.

So here's to a whole year without you. 

Thanks for making me a better person

without realizing it.


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