The Mesage


First read the bold letters then read the whole thing.


When you look, What do you (See)?


Walking on the sidewalk,

Eyes drifting-- Right, left, right, left

Heart beating every day, writhing,

Others speak,

“Do (This)”, “Do that”


 Like Misty Mountains, Clouding your thoughts,       

 Nowhere to go, (Fear)? cold, and alone


 You say,

“There is no beauty in me”, Is that true?

   I’ve started this journey, My life on the edge

   And you say? Beauty? In me?

   Have you seen (The) scars on my face?

   Bruises on my back?





You see that mountain

North of the seas

Bound to be (free)

Just like me


The whispers of the wind

Now loud (And) swift

My feet entwined

 Swept off the ground


I feel like my soul has crippled to pieces

No strength to fight or mind to think

My foes are many, maybe I need (Jesus)


Oh, this battle

I have to (live) with everyday

When will this end?









I see (Courage), in you,

Believe me its true

You have one destination

So determined


There is (Eagerness), in you,

Ready to please

Committed to faith

I don’t see why you’re giving in


You’re the (Most likable and honorable).

Person I’ve met

Stop whining and complaining,


Wait till the end


You remind me of one small fella’

Half the size of man

He is

Comfortable (And) Complacent

Loves food, drink, and security



_______  The white, not grey, says

There is more to you than what meets the eye

You lead us to the mountains

Lead us to the hidden treasure buried deep

(Discover) the weak spots of the enemy

You bring peace to your people and to everyone else


You are a hero

Your deeds are remarkable

You have these capabilities inside you

 Stay true to yourself

This is (Who you are).


Mark my words

Sooner or later you have to come out into the light

Like the smallest bird

Eventually, you will have to see for yourself

Better start now than later


(Bag) your sorrows away


Drink your (gins)? in your hole

That’s where you’re comfortable

Find who you are there

Let’s go together

Close the door

Put on that lamp

Open your book

Start reading

There you will find the answer

1 hour, 2 hour, 3 hour more


Slow down

Re-read the words


He is considered a protagonist,

Most likable and honorable,

Has courage, common sense,

And eagerness to please

He is half the size of man,

Comfortable and complacent,

Relishes his home with books

And adventures he begs


What good glory!

This describes me!

How could this be.

With your 8 foot self

Why do you smile at me?

Because Mr. Baggins

With jubilee you can see!


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