The girls danced in a trance to the nematode mash.

They glittered and sparkled as diamonds on brass,

Carefree and festering in utter daydream stutter delight.

They celebrated a moments glance with no sense of fright,

The girls used their fins to display joy, so inarticulate.

Around the cove they splashed the seashell particulate,

In the toasted, creamy sands under the shimmering portals.

For it was quite deep further in, around “The Quarter Inn.”

The moment they laid eyes on this muscular male epiphany,

They knew it was the Merman himself, the one from Antigone.

The glares from these girls made this firm male Adonis blush,

For he flapped his tail in recognition for he could fully trust,

That although they admired his eternal beauty in of itself,

The girls lusted much more in one another and not in himself


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