1944 and not a Jewish soul free

S.S. soldiers caring not for the lives of the jews no matter if plead,

Children slaughtered and their innocence revoked

all the lives taken, their lives nothing but a locked up cage

Mere directions choosing one's fate

Left to rot, the souls of strong

Right gives some hope to one day be free,

Not a day without  two lives being separated

Children being the symbol of innocence

It being a word not known to them

Lifeless but pure the bodies are burned

Although at the time it only fueled the cause

The many lost souls forgotten for years

And throughout the years they hadn't been acknowledged

As if forgetting who had perished was better than killing them ourselves

A warrior one might say

To those who survived the Holocaust up until this dreadful day

Elie, a hero to some lived through it all

Witnessing a father's death is excruciating at the least

The blood that's been shed shan't ever wash away

The images of death shall stay engraved in the traumatized minds of the millions

Surviving atop a graveyard for years,

Living or dead they were always ignored

They may have seemed lifeless on the surface

But at heart they were always ready

For what had been happening got everyone by surprise

No, not the jews

They'd been through it all

The sight of death no longer shocked them

Most shocking of all

Is the silence of the world


This poem is about: 
Our world


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