Coerced merely by exterior attributes and perishable riches we as humanity have taken away our ability to decided; capabilities to love and ways to teach. Along this wheel spun of questionable actions we needless to say find friends, families and associates submitting to primal behaviors and senseless retribution. Magnifying each other for how many women we sleep with or how many men you have played. It is an irrevocable decision that infects many mutilating the moral fabric crafted sense adolescence. Instilled as a child we have been taught to reflect glee and ambition yet, we manage as society to evict the opportunity from one another each day. By insisting on lucid public displays, simplistic choruses about fixable situations and impeding the privilege of higher education by indicting youth with a life's worth of debt. Congenial for a educational institutions to charge a young adult for free resources that can be study online, libraries or by someone only discourages the avid readers and potential doctors everyday. Just remember how many of us who had exclaimed before, we made our way out of school testifying to how we were prepared to go to college yet, we had to make that unconventional compromise to not complete or attend because we have no economical supremacy to remain afloat. Questionable as to why it was a classification for our life's ambition a fallacious matriarch boils back down to forms of segregation. Facing the surreal facets of life we have those who have the power to share their wealth but, being an archaic council pontificated by dollar values this worlds angst and animosity will continue to divide, hurt and vanquish veracity. We have relationship implored by this conscience and infidelity becoming a social issue and massive controversy. We have acknowledge and carol about how one another is untrustworthy or conniving yet, it remains a lonesome journey of faith neither partner have adopted. I ask that this be shared and we all embrace and protest for benevolence.

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Our world
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