Mentally Tough


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I started out the year very unhappy. How did I leave it?Mentally Tough Beyond Belief. "Chlöe we shouldn't be friends." Said one of the people who I admired most in this world.Who I wanted nothing more than to be her best friend.Heartbreak. This girl was mean and terrible. But I loved her...."Chlöe you're grandmother has died."Said my mother on the phone.My grandmother was a foe to the family. We hadn't spoken in a year and a half. Heartbreak.This women was a terrible tyrant. But a living legend. But I loved her...."Chlöe my biggest fear is losing you."Said my boyfriend who I was about to break up with. We weren't boyfriend and girlfriend, we were friends. But he didn't know that's all I felt for him.Heartbreak. I wanted nothing more than to stay with him, in a different way. Because I loved him..."Chlöe I just feel like I can do better than you. If I were to be with you, I would just be settling."Said the boy who I fell so incredibly hard for right after I moved into college. He played the guitar, was deep and mysterious...but didn't want to be with me.Heartbreak. I can't tell you how much I cried about him. Because I wanted to love him..."Chlöe I applied to live in my sorority house, but didn't get it."Said my roommate who I thought had my back and like living with me. And she didn't tell me she applied to move out?She was my best friend and wanted to leave me?Heartbreak.I was mad for a day, then just numb. Because I loved her....How did I leave the year? A person who was afraid of nothing and nobody. If people want to walk out of my life here is my response: Drive safe. I am grateful for the friends who stayed with me through it all. My amazing boyfriend now.My studies.My family.All the people who still love me. I don't fear change anymore. Everything is exactly as it should be. I move on from things. Period.I am a refined person. And I couldn't be happier.  

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