From A Mental Offspring

        Dad is back gambling, there goes our rent money. Why does mom keep thinking someone is abusing us, maybe she was abused herself. Dad has locked himself in the room, he's watching his adult movies. How come my mom feel like someone is making fun of her, when people are actually having a good time around her. My mind wonders....Im afraid, lost and confused! When did it start? Why are there so many rumors? What really happened? I want my parents to be cured. Will my mom try and commit suicied again? Have she really did it before? Will my father try and commit suicide? It is a characteristic of his illness. Am i going to become mental like my parents. Will my child be put through the same. Is it genectic?

      My sister and I, we have to stick together and not become insane, insane from the day to day struggle of what or whom to blame. The blame that caused our parents not to be the same. My parents maybe crazy and I dont mean that in a negative way. They just process things a little different, and sometimes our family has to pay. Once people understand there's a mental disability, my parents arent normal to them anymore. They are locked away in a facility. To them they arent able to function in society but yet were able to raised two beautiful women undeniablly. I love my parents although they arent like others but their heart is sooooooo big they began to suffer, because no one will take the the time to learn what it is like to be mental or even try and discover.


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