A Mental Note

The rhythm brushes across my ribs,

And the ballad strikes at my bones,

A song I think I've heard before,

The sweetest melody I've ever known.

Every time you whisper my name,

I feel each note run up my spine.

Like a tone of optimism, 

Or a harmony of hope,

I wish you were mine.

Like an incessant pitch that's stuck in my head,

It's a noise I can't seem to shake,

A tune that awakens the sound of my spirit,

When my hands hurt and my body aches.

The pitch that brings me back in time,

When my mind is silent--at rest--

Are you my resonance of relief,

My heart's beating out of my chest.

You're the piece to finish my puzzle,

I reach a conclusion that you make me whole,

Reminded by every 'I love you'

Of the song you sing in my soul.

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#love #romance #relationships

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