Hey, hey you. Are you ready yet?

Do you notice me?

Like a full moon, you are your real self with me.

You ready to play the guessing game?

Defecation or Cramps? Pick one, but choose wisely.

Make sure you set that extra set of panties.

Your stomach turns in knots

And becomes a wasteland that’s never quite satisfied.

How about feeling pain so bad

You’re virtually paralyzed?

I leave you asking “why me?”

And I’ll always answer with a smile.

“Why not you? Welcome to womanhood, my dear.”


Oh honey,

You see yourself as pretty?

Don’t worry silly goose,

Me and your hormones will fix that too!

No matter how much you beat your face

Or tighten that belt around your waist,

You’ll always see a cow.


I flow with grace,

You’ll see me from a mile away.

I always send you signs,

If you don’t heed them,

The white jeans you got on girl, they’re mine.

It’s like a game of hide and seek,

have the advantage,


Can you spot me before I find you?

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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