The men in black

Thu, 07/12/2018 - 17:42 -- Peace30

She was a woman of virtue
A true gem
A diamond in the rough
And just as tough

Sculpted from the finest form of ebony
She stood proud and tall
Her eyes holding dreams and depths unknown
Mesmerizing and enchanting to behold

She was all this and more
A pillar of exquisite character
Until they snatched her virtue from her
Leaving her vulnerable and bare

Forcing themselves on her
They stripped her of her virtue, her purity
Qualities she held in high esteem
Gone forever, or so it seemed

She is broken, shattered
Every piece of her being screaming in anguish
Raw pain flowing alongside her blood
In perfect harmony

Days and nights of scrubbing
Not being able to cleanse her
Of the permanent stains and marks
Inflicted on her soul

Hot tears cascade down her cheeks
As the images that has been
Imprinted permanently on her brain
Show up in full force

The suffering like a wild fire
Had consumed her
Leaving her bare and dry
Lifeless like a desert

But, an oasis emerged
In the middle of her desert
Bringing life to her barren land
Making her believe and take a stand

So, that broken woman became a voice
Speaking for those without
Based on the experience she had
Although it was hard

She rose from the ruins
Standing proud and tall again
Her eyes gleaming with hope and faith
For the journey ahead

She knows she'll make it
The pain only made her stronger
She'll fight now, for herself and others
And she'll defeat them, the men in black.

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Our world


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