I am full of flaws. Ones that some would view as unholy, disgusting, crude or any other negative connotation you can think of.
But my flaws make me who I am.
I am adopted from a country that views homophobia as something so bad, it justifies killing for it.
I am a Jew, who looks like a German and everytime someone makes a joke about the Holocaust it stings me down to the core because I know at one time in a past life, I lived in a death camp.
I swear like a sailor and have modified my body like one. I have various piercings and a tattoo of an anchor because I know I am tied to the sea.
I am gay. I am scared of the world. I am conquering depression. I am looking for a way to travel and help others. I am not a quitter.
I am full of flaws that may be unholy, disgusting or crude. But to others, some may see my flaws as blessings, wonderful or beautiful.
And to that, I thank all who continually judge me, good or bad, because I will prove your judgements or I will burn them to the ground. I am not flawless, but I think being full of flaws you can accept, make you your own unique version of


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