Memories of Grandfather:

Wed, 04/25/2018 - 17:13 -- ngopes

That early July morning, I woke up to a sound of someone sobbing,

I threw my blanket off my body, and ran down the stairs,
My Grandfather room door stood wide open, 

When all at once I saw,
Father, Mother and Sister sat mourning deeply, 
beside my Grandfathers body.
I stopped, my eyes widened,
I looked at one another for a moment,
The lights have dimmed, the darkness of solitude embraced my Mind

My Grandfather never said goodbye to me, before
his body buried in long white cloths, 
He faced the ceiling, silent, and still,
Milky eyes staring blankly, lips, faded to a pale color.
I sat beside and looked at my Grandfathers’ pale blue face, 
Today, we were not exchanging glances,
We have become a distant stranger.
My eyes filled with tears,
I threw myself on my knees, my face downward,
as deep pain lingered inside. 
He was gone before I knew it.


That painful morning had come before the birds, before the sun;
When death, quietly sneaked into my House, uninvited,
To take away my beloved Grandfather,
I wish, I could request death to have him for just one more day,
For I could embrace him like never, and 
find solace as my heart with pleasure fills forever.



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