Memories of ferry

Wed, 04/25/2018 - 17:11 -- ngopes

That cold December evening-

As the Southbound train pulled into the station,

A blasts of wind greeted me.

With a metallic squeal, the doors slid open;

I made my way into the train ahead of most passengers.

Leaving room for the vast area of open plains the train started

chugging along through the snow.


With a dimpled smile, a short ponytail barista poured out the hot smoldering

coffee in the white cup. I cupped the warm cup between

my palms and from the window,

I watched the snow falling all over.


The train entered the tunnel,

And pulled to a stop.

Passengers started leaving the train, and I quickly followed them up the stairs.

Carrying the train, the Scandlines ferry cruised across the sparkling Baltic sea.


Squeezing against the white metal railing deck, I overlooked the sea views.

Spraying water out of its blowholes, a Blue whale just disappeared in the distance,

Flying over the water, the Sea gulls waved their white wings,

Dolphins splashed shaking their tails above the rolling waves,

Off shore windfarms blades kept quietly spinning,


I felt much tighter inside, as the Mid-December artic air filled my lungs.

Whistling to myself, I sat and looked outside 'til the Ferry docked.

The Passengers, the cars, the Trucks, and the Train—the ferry carried everything.



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