Togetherness held this way,
never so mundane, but so rare .
So, precious is the coalition I say,
as it includes the thoughts so bare
I reminisce the scenes; 
They are jazzed inside the eye.
I kneel for the blunders and sins
Apologized, I wish before I bid goodbye
I know the view of my life 
When I had been in mirth 
Never thought that would be a rife
All the joy that lay ahead my birth
There were conditions not so pleasing
 I erred, but faced them though,
 And some were prestigious and appealing
 But had to be ready, if ever had to feel low
Moments of love hard to forget
Moments of hate, trying to forget,
Because I know the details spick and span
Reflecting the ambience as I narrate.
I sit here lost in the reverie,
With hearty- bonds hard to be reunited
Lost in the essence of bitter-sweet memories 
Too, abrased for love, too sweet for hatred


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