Strange faces surround me.

Filled with sorrow, concern, and fear.

Did I know them? Who could they be?

People linger I can’t help but leer.


I awoke in a different place.

I awoke feeling stranded and yet surrounded.

I awoke in a weird embrace,

Being carried and then bounded.


What had happened? Where was I?

Did I struggle? Did I die?

My mind and body were out of place.

My heart and soul where in a daze.


Lost. My identity gone.

Searching for who I was is what I sought.

What has happened? And for how long?

Black. Nothing. Not even a blank thought.


Questions that swarm in my mind,

A haze of dreams that come with a cost.

Answers to riddles I could never find.

My memory is gone. My self is lost.





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