In Memoriam (SDS 1960-2005)


United States
37° 52' 4.3752" N, 88° 57' 37.9332" W

Sitting high atop her perch
Brunette locks fly across her somber eyes
Gazing down from the tree tops
Lights of crimson and white appear

The wetness slips down porcelain cheeks
Recalling the moment time stopped
The click clack clank of the gurney's gears
Frantic shouts and radio static

Frail legs flail as she leaps from the branches
Crouching, her shoes slip on the soft snow
Fourteen years erased in an evening
Crawling beneath her covers and choking back sobs

Years from now they say she will recover
They claim time heals all wounds
She knows time cannot heal stopped hearts
Cannot heal heavy clots on lungs

Weeks pass, she traces chilled concrete
Letters forming in the flakes beneath her fingers
"Loving wife and mother"
Grasps her knees, looks skyward, whispers, "Why?"


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