Is The Melting Pot True To Its Words?

“ LIve simply.

Love generously.

Care deeply.

Speak kindly.

Leave the rest to God.”


This is the “perfect” quote to describe the United States of America,

But is it even completely the truth?


We “live simply” here,

Yet we never have enough.

We’re selfish and greedy.

We can never stop.

We always need more,

Rather than just being content with what we already have.


The united States “loves generously”,

Yet we can never quit hating.

We hate more than we love.

We never can just be happy for one another.

We have to watch each other suffer.


“Care deeply”,

Yet we have hundreds of thousands of people living on the streets.

We don’t care at all about those people.

We leave people behind,

But we’re supposed to be a team.

Teams don’t leave a player behind.


“Speak kindly”,

Yet we make each other cry.

We tear each other apart with our words,

When we should be piecing ourselves back together.

We throw sticks and stones at each other,

And sometimes, they break more than bones.

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