melt, a letter to my peers

Sat, 05/21/2016 - 12:19 -- Tayvadi

there is so
much power in
the softness of your lips
and the tip of your tongue
your mouth works wonders

we all sometimes forget about
the burning within us
the capability of lighting the world on fire
with just one word, one sigh, one scream, one moan

it is so easy to feel as if
we are powerless
being surrounded by humans who
will take a knife to our name
and let us bleed to the ground
in order for them to feel as if
they have escalated above

but we must remember
the radiance deep inside of us
and that those who
do such things should be forgiven

the system has taught us to be cold
we mustn't give in
because nothing is worse
than letting the warmth you possess
slip away

let yourself melt
tenderness is rare
we do not come across softness so very often
and when we do
it is answered with revulsion

kindness is known to be weakness
transparency, affection, passion
all too extreme for the generation that we walk among
because we do not want to give in
we do not want to give in to being wrong
we do not want to give in to being vulnerable
we do not want to listen as much as we want to talk

this generation, I am a part of
does not want to let go of their ego
and let it slide down the drain, no

some of us
want to soak in it
in the sky, up so high that
some of us
have forgotten what it means
to walk the earth

soak yourself in sweet oil
my brothers, and my sisters, and my lovers
let us massage and care for
one another tenderly

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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