Thu, 12/11/2014 - 11:24 -- Chayle

How sweet must it be to have sugar cane and honey
To have golden locks, pouty lips; a sharpened nose
I could be wrong, but this twisted form of beauty 
Has left statuesque faces & curvy bodies alone
But, I can't complain because I have two legs
And I get to choose what I'm doing with them
I could jump from town clocks into lakes
I won't be the one to fall in arms again
At least in my mind, I have a strong imagination
I'm in the middle of the ground and the stars
The inbetween a lovely heaven & normal hell
It's too stange, both options seem so far
I'm no pearl, I pretty much just clean the shell
So, I will be free, I shall, absolutely determined
I will reach the clouds one day & go far beyond
Escaping from my own maggots and vermen
A corpse bride, a half angel, a wolf howling at her moon
Feel everything and nothing that can ever be felt
Facing every single green joy and yellow doom
I have to disipitate the line and have the middle melt


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