The Melody of Life


The long-awaited sensation of feeling alive

Takes over like a wave

Blown ashore by ravishing storms

Calmed at last at the dusk of the hour

When silence becomes dead


When the background music drifts below

Balancing my feet upon the air

Teaching me to fly

Surface stretching from my eyes

I float above

And I am new


The background steps forward


Like a movie stepped out of screen

Notes rising and falling

Crescendos like a tongue

Reaching out to lick the face of the sky

Becoming my own sensation

Taste the sweetness of the blue

The salty clouds

And the bitter winds

A concoction of strings

Air painted silver

Symphony of crimson, matching the autumn’s snow

Golden notes plucked from the fingers of God


Ringing out

Bells hidden in the keys

of white and black

Bringing color to the dark

Light into the night

Stars falling upon my face

Burning with delight


Right before the crash

The final note that fades away

Lingering for a moment in memory

Fragile, begging not to be broken

Yet the breath cannot sustain

And it disappears into nothing


But reality



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