Fri, 08/10/2018 - 11:49 -- ngopes

It's another day again,

I have a meeting everymorning

I have give my report from other day

what you have completed since the last meeting

your plan to complete by next meeting

I wake up around 5 AM everymorning

to practice my speech for 1 hour

I feel so good after practicing

I get ready with  my report in the morning

I make sure that I cover everything

in the meeting

Meeting at 10:30 AM every morning

5 days a week

When it's my turn

I unmute  and greet everyone

And then I go on to report my work

I speak with confidence

infront of 20 people

When I am done reporting

I feel so good

because  I spoke so well

with confidence

and everybody enjoyed what I said

I expressed it very well

and everybody listened to it


I will continue to do so every morning

@ 10:20 AM

and feel extremely happy about it.


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