I want to joust knights on strong horses
Attend decadent weddings, in elegant robes
Lay with maidens and rescue damsels
With their mass quantity of flawless gems confined in mountain halls
I want to smoke pipe weed with wizards
"someone save my soul"
I want to drink with dwarves
"someone save my soul"
Learn from their vast knowledge
And ride the backs of giant eagles
Over the lonely towns and villages
"someone save my soul"
I want to forge a sword of legend
Wield an indestructible shield
Go to war in my tailored armor
Lead my men to certain death yet endless peace and glory
So bards will sing ballads of our story
Sail the oceans in treacherous storms
for mystical artifacts
"someone save my soul"
I want to aim bows with elves from trees taller than those of the redwood forest
Speak their language while dining on the finest wine next to forests perfectly filled with 
autumn colors
"someone save my soul"
I want to feel the heat of dragon fire
Swing my blade against its flesh
Watch it burn the breeze
Clash my steel with its teeth
Gaze as the sky becomes lit with fire and filled with smoke
And save my kings castle from sure desolation
"someone save my soul"


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