Measure the Lines Tangent to the Bags under my Eyes

Sat, 11/30/2013 - 16:05 -- EmeliaB


Measure the lines tangent to the bags under my eyes;
There you will find the accurate slope
Of how quickly or slowly depending on how you look at it
My energy is decreasing.

Run my DNA through a gel and perform electrophoresis.
You will see that even the chains are frazzled
Like the rest of me.

Art calls me on speakerphone with Creativity.
I hang up after a few minutes.
I am too busy for them,
And I have a test to study for.

Read my English papers to learn more about me.
I lied.
They aren’t supposed to have my own opinions in them.

My mom says I can drop out after I graduate.
I am ready now though,
Unlike how I feel about my math test tomorrow.


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