A Meaningful Conversation.


Be confident and speak your mind
Being daring says more about you than what you leave behind

I want to hear your actual thoughts
I feed off people's passions
The fire in your eyes
Something more beautiful than i can imagine

Politics, music, your deep down situations
Lets discuss something going on for generations

So instead of the how are yous
And was your day good
I want to hear
What you'd do if you could

Tell me what you love to do
Tell me what you hate
Don't use copy and paste conversation
Talk to me about something that matters, something i'll appreciate

I love a meaningful conversation
I love to debate and fight
Because minds genuinely at work
Are more provoking than "hows your life"

Relating with others
Sharing strong opinions
I love to do it all
Because it shows we're human

Humans with emotion and a voice
We should put it to good use, but we do have a choice

You can be the robot who doesn't really care
Who will ask how my day was with a blank stare

Or you can awake my mind
Shock it with something you've been thinking about for some time

Don't be afraid to tell your thought
Because what makes you think can spark a lot

The crazed look in your eye
The excitement in your grin
The joy i get in a meaningful conversation
Should be a sin

I'm a simple person
I enjoy the little things
The joy of a meaningful conversation
True thoughts, what a grin it brings.






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