Meaning of the word Appreciate

         Appreciate is an art piece. People don’t always understand the meaning of the work of art that an artist creates, but that same exact art piece will always have that significant value behind its shadow.

        Appreciate can just hold 10 letters that spread like peanut butter sliding across the bread to create such a small word for it to be thrown away by an instant snap. Yet, that small word can be the treasure that has been dying to be dug up for little empty stomachs to be stuffed.

        Appreciate can leave in an exchange for jealousy. Being devastated in a hole of ungrateful thoughts can convert themselves into the memos of childish flashback tantrums of wanting this instead of looking what you have in front of you. 

        Appreciate is just a simple glimpse, now you see it, now you don’t.

        Appreciate plays its own little games like peekaboo. The delicate beautiful hands majestically cover their soft spoken eyes, and those hands flick like a racket hitting a tennis ball eager for its pal to make it to the other side for a win.

        Appreciate will always be the victim, not the bully.

        Appreciate will always be the prosecutor, not the defendant.

        Appreciate will always be just an opinion.

        Appreciate will never be a racist, but it’ll be bullied and it will be prejudged so quickly that by the time you think about your regrets, appreciate will always be one step ahead of the game.

       Appreciate is just so powerful that you can’t explain it. You can feel it, you can breathe it, and you can express it, but you will never ever fully understand its meaning. It only lasts for as long as you want it to last, but we humans just make that last, last for a millisecond.

       Appreciate will never be the enemy.

       Appreciate our veins; both physically and mentally. Without veins to pump our blood to our heart, there’s no life, but without a heart there’s no point in continuing to live that life, if there’s no appreciation inside your body that makes your heart beat.

      Appreciate will always be appreciate.

So, appreciate, why hate?

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