The meaning of poetry

The Meaning Of Poetry

Poetry is emotions put into stanzas

Its sadness

Its happiness

And confusion

Poetry is unspoken words

Its bitter

Its sweet

And sour

Poetry is tragedy

Its loss

Its grief

And filled with ander

Poetry is disappointment

Its the loss of hope

The lack of support

And being let down

Poetry is surrender

Its the point  of not caring

Its defeat

And letting go

Poetry is hate

Its cold

Its harsh

And sharp

Poetry is passion

Its love

Its lust

And warmth

Poetry is dark

Its bright

Its soft

And peaceful

Poetry is escape

Its freedom

Its hope

And belief

Poetry is truth

Its diseat

Its cruel

And mean

Poetry is tears

Its a grave

Its my pain, fears, sadness , and disappointment

That is dead and cold

Poetry is the loss of a person who is supposed to watch you grow up

Its a headstone

A weight upon my shoulders

Poetry  is a secound chance

Its a search for closure

Its a part of you thats not found

Poetry is a battle

Its a war against yourself

Its frustration

And low self esteam

Poetry is beautiful

Its a gift

Its a chance

And is a part of you

Poetry is speaking out

Its screaming

Its singing

And cryingpoetry is rejection

Its being different

Its not belonging

And self hate

Poetry is support

Its a rock that grounds you

Its saftey

Its protection

And structure

The meaning of poetry is you

You define your own poetry

Its meaning is yours to define

Its your story




Im not sure if this is a slam or not 


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