The Meaning of Life

Most people search for the meaning of life in about anything

This ranges from religion to science and they never find it

This is because the meaning of life was never hiding in the first place

The very meaning of life was hiding in plain sight because the meaning of life is the very essence of you

It means to step away from the negativity and focus on the positive

It means to find the perfections in everything as well as nothing

Because even those with nothing are able to have fun whether it be nature or the pure joy of helping someone else

People who are suicidal must remember they made it this far and it won't hurt them to push further because things can't get any worse so they must only get better

Because everything truly is awesome and if anyone can make a difference it's you

Any amount of abuse, neglect, or negativity in your life can only make you stronger and are only weaknesses if you allow them to become that

So the only thing left to do is live life to the fullest regardless of who's judging you and to YOLO your way to happiness

Life is but a canvas and now is your time to paint your picture in this world


This poem is about: 
Our world


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