Meaning is Everything

Wed, 10/07/2015 - 10:11 -- Ezzi

The folly of man is in their limited views

Of what is good and what is not

When it is simply not as simple

As words they use for this & that

Unlike words to describe color

these words are not static; they change

What is good to some is monstrous to others

And what was morally right once

Is now an atrocious act full of harm

With the right persuasion and propaganda

The mind can be fooled into seeing

A despicable action the right action

And an honorable one the worst

When you talk of a good man,

Do the listeners envision the same man?

Good and evil are not absolutes

They are elusive abstracts

Constantly melding and reforming one another

They are everywhere when you’re not looking

And nowhere when you are

They are dependent variables

Affected by even the tiniest condition

Yet despite this it captivates the minds of one and all

Driving some mad to seek their one true meaning

Although the little-known fact is that

Their meanings are nothing

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Our world
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