Mean What You Say

Out of all the lies you told me, “I love you” was my favorite.


“I love you” when we walked across the sand on our first beach trip. “I love you” when we were having dinner on Valentine’s Day at the new restaurant you took me to. “I love you” when I ditched my friends to hang with you. “I love you” when we both fought for my ringing phone. “I love you” when you told me that my outfit was too revealing. “I love you” when you slapped me for not telling you where I was.


I’m “sorry,” but that’s not love.


Love is not isolating myself from my friends and family, or having to worry about being home at a specific time just to be with the person who threatens and hurts me.

Love is having great trust in someone. Love is being loyal in more ways than one. Love is being honest 100% of the time. Love is having the same amount of compassion as the other person. Love is being independent and letting your significant other have as much independence. Love is having respect for one another. Love is the ability to communicate equally and responsibly. Love is always feeling at ease and comfortable with your own self. Love is never feeling alone, and always feeling as though you are apart of something.


Next time you say “I love you,” mean it.

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