Me & You

In a world devoid of pigmentation,Only Red and Blue left for depiction. Entangled together in a dazzling radiance,Symphony of Red and Blue leading the ambiance. Within the round cocoon of Blue,Lay a vast and serene emerald hue,Luxurious and wise, the purple gleamed,Bathed in a refined halo of white, it beamed. Hidden in Blue was a world anew,Approached by crimson hue,Colors began to spew,Myriad shades came into view. Crimson to its core,True and pure,Hovered up high,Blue’s eternal ally. Red filled with powerful fervor,Exerting its fiery dominance.Red burning with a dangerous passion,Fulling the promise of love. Eons passed, yet their love remained,Enduring through all trials and pains.Returned to two as one.


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