Me, without We. Sincerely, Yours Truly, Me

We’ve been here before, why this place again. 

We built it back up when we went there again.

Yes, we went there again.

You would’ve thought You would learn, yet the finer things in material life You yearn.

We are fun aren’t we? Just full of surprises.

But You love it. Yes You do.







Sure, blame the media, blame your social group, blame your personality

Yes, so try. Because we've heard it all.

It is a choice, your choice to be who you were before Your Fall.

You chose to return to us.

You love being with us, and putting us on the picture of the empty frame that you call your dream.

That’s why its a dream silly, You just don’t let the dreams end. 

You like to dream, so when you open your eyes your heart pounds for what you envision is at stake.

Haha, honestly we get a kick out of it.

You can be like a blind man who does not know he is in a pit - with no ladder and no way out.


HAHAHA OH MY GOODNESS GREAT TIMES!!!!!! 2k14-2k16 at its fiiiiiiiiiiiiiinest. 







As of late though, we are going to be completely honest, your heart has been pounding.

Your heart has been POUNDING; yet we cannot hear a sound.

Usually thats the call for our battlecry, “Time for another round!"

However, something great happened in your life and you’ve taken us aback.

You are in your career? You are almost in your career?

The one you’ve worked tirelessly for for the past few years?

With only a few courses left you are graduating college?

When did you go back and get more knowledge?

You may have found the love of your life?

He has been talking about “in a few years:kids and a wife?







We feel as though you have been cutting us off lately. 

Sure we made a few mistakes as of late, those were fun weren’t they?

You remember when we lied to dad? haha or or or or I have a good one

Remember when we came home wasted? Don’t you miss them??!!

Oh - you just said no…you don’t miss them?

Oh you are applying for a scholarship for school?

We just told dad you had tuition handled,

You were gonna take up that cab driving job

and we told dad “work study” with a high-five lob.






Your heart, your pounding heart oh my goodness

It was all a distraction!!!! Hey fellas, we lost traction!!!

You have been doing the right thing!

You have a terrible voice might I add, but the other day I heard you sing!!!

New Year New Me???

You know you don’t believe in that!!!

Take it back!!!

Magenta Majesty, the poem about the rose emerging from the concrete

That you wrote, where you did everything in your power to attain its beauty despite….

Oh my goodness….

You got the rose, and you got the rose without us.

You are getting the rose, and you are getting it without us.






Bravo, bravo to you. If we didn’t call ourselves the “Bad Conscience”

We would tell you the truth, ahah You know we don’t have that in us.

You did well, and you’re doing well…That’s why we won’t go anywhere

That song will end, and your heart will chill with the pounding.

Until then, I guess do that damn thing! You are accomplishing many things,

Without the help of our voices.

We know how powerful His voice is. We most certainly do.

Until we can, we will find a way to get back to you.

Congratulations, You.







I was not going to acknowledge you all, We.

I was going to let you whisper all that you are into my ear

Until, maybe, just maybe, I would quiver with confusion and fear.

Me, you may always be near, does not mean I would like you here.

It is just the way it is, and I appreciate you, We, when you appear.


For many years, I have struggled, struggled to use my voice

Struggled when there is even an obvious right choice.

You are my stutter. You come out when I would like to speak.

I see you. You come out when I need money;

Times get tough, and I sure know how to lose my pride

And enjoy a stream of income on the ride

You truly know how to get to me, We.


I did, I did get in my career without you, We.

I did, You, We, were very much present during my bumpy collegiate journey,

finally earning my Bachelors Degree

You made yourself, We, very present in the beginning of my relationship with my Honey.

No, no you may not know how I did it without you, We.

No you may not, by choice, come with me, We. 

I make some mistakes and I cannot give you the credit, We.

Yes, the problem IS me.

That is why, there is no more we.

I am not perfect, I say it gladly.


There is no more we. There is just me, and Him.

He has always been there, He is always fair,

That is why I choose Him, over you, We. 

It is Him. 

I choose to keep Him in my mind when I face challenges.

I choose to keep Him in my mind when my past is face to face with my present.

The only place he currently is not, is where You are.

Unfortunately, Your lease is about up. 


I need my heart back. I need to see it, I need to feel it, I need to hear it.

I need it back. I need Him to fill my heart.

It has always been His place from the start.

For that reason, and that reason alone, it is time for you to depart.


My heart is for God.

It was never for you, We.


Yours Truly,


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