Me, the Unedited Version


United States
33° 29' 43.7712" N, 86° 48' 34.1316" W

 Just another face in a neamless crowd, no one knows who I am.

They think they've got me all figured out, but they don't know anything.

They think I'm not capable of being anything other than ordinary,

But it's not that simple, I'm like urban art, no one knows what I'm meant to be.


I remember the first day of freshmen year, people lookin' at me like I don't belong here.

Well, maybe I don't, but I don't really care; before you know it, I'll be out of here.

I'm just trying to make it through day, and I won't their words effect me today


And maybe, I'm just too afraid to let anyone know how I feel,

Or maybe I just don't want to let anyone in, but it seems

The only one who knows why I love the color grey and why I'm obsessed with Kansas University,

The only one who knows why I do my best thinking at three in the morning,

The only one who understands my love of cellos, and cherry Jell-O, and strawberry ice cream

I can honestly say, without a doubt, the only one who understands me is me. 


So there you have I suppose, my life without the rose colored glasses,

But I don't mind being exposed, because I think I look pretty good without a filter. 


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