Me, Uncovered

Look at me deep in my eyes, until you feel the depth of my soul.

Til you see the transparency of my heart, and you discover the -me, untold.

The part of me that I once had to hide. So ashamed of those secrets and sins,

Until a stronger me had to bring them to light. No matter the price.

They had to die, so I could LIVE.

Who am I? Nights I’ve cried, trying to find.

The -me I know, or who my actions defined.

I knew who I was, but situations made me weak.

Knew what to say, though through fear wouldn’t speak.

Scared young girl, trying to look perfect.

Searching for attention, inside hurting.

I’ve learned you’ll make a lot wrong decisions until you find your purpose.

Had to take the filter off “my” truths, to reveal those lies.

Weight lifted off my spirit, but the truth destroyed my life.

Then the Truth gave me LIFE.

With purpose, peace, and a foundation of Christ.

I thank God for keeping me, He renewed my mind.

Now I’m quicker to forgive; I know how much it means to be forgiven.

Im quicker to love, wiser and confident in my decisions.

No filter on the truth, because it IS what it is.

Even when its ugly, it can bring out the beauty of love.

Because filters just deceive, they are the part that people see.

What is really underneath?

I took the filter off and I gave ME. Imperfect, me.

But honestly, it was honesty.

And the truth, certainly, set me free.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world



This poem is the epitome of the script of my life. I admire that you incorporated your faith into your writing.


This is a really good poem.


It's good it exactly how i am feeling

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