Me that's who


United States
29° 31' 54.2388" N, 95° 28' 21.1368" W
Who am i?
I'm the girl nextdoor.
Just an average girl. 
nNoticed by few, 
but loved by many. 
Who am i?
I'm the girl who traveles the road less traveled.
Just to be slightly different. 
Im the girl who lets her weird and qurky side out way to often.
Im average but defenently not normal,
For normal is not in my vocabulary.
Who am i?
I'm the girl who pigs out on food and doesnt worry about her weight.
I wear comfy cloths.
I eat what i want, when want.
I act like me, no one else.
Who am i? 
I'm not fake.
Im me.
Thats who i am. 


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