Me, a poet?

Me, a poet? I never would've thought
But by always shoving all these thoughts in the back of my head
By tossing all these feelings that eventually come back stronger than the last
By hiding what I believe to be the real me
By all these pieces pour out, flooding my head, never stopping...
How embarrassing, I guess I am

Behind every poet is someone who seeks a friend who will be willing to lend an ear
Yet this someone never has the voice to call out for one

So when they talk, they hide their words and borrow
They borrow words they do not agree with
They disguise what they're truly thinking and hide their smaller selves
Why? Why copy and paste?
They do it to erase the feeling of loneliness
They do it because they are afraid
They do it becauise it's easy

But here! Here is where all the darkness and tensions melt away
Its hard, but the words fall into place
One by one, thoughts follow other thoughts
Emotions cling to myself and the paper
Im sweating now
I can see myself now, it's like a mirror
You may be praying for me to stop, but I'll only write harder

Look, look
I know, I feel like im suffocating at times
But it's not life if you're not living a little
If this is happiness then I'd like to write here a bit longer

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