To Me or Not to Me

Dear me of the future...

I hope this finds you well, I'm unfamilair with poetry meter can't you tell?

I hope you still like Star Wars, and if not what a shame, I'd hate to be THAT old person who turns out sorta lame

I hope you are successful, winning the lottery might not hurt, I think id like to buy a hundred "Ayn Rand should die again" t-shirts?

I hope you are happy, well whatever that looks like to you, I hope to hell you don't tell me we're still working at the zoo

I hope you made some mistakes, not dangerous ones I'd think, perhaps you'd dye your hair a putrid shade of pink

I hope you tried out college, lord knows I love to learn, I always thought school's somewhere I'd like to return

I hope you found love, whether from woman or from man, although the way things are going you might end up with your hand

I hope you still are confident, I like us the way we are, although the person reading this might leave with mental scars

I hope you had some good times, and that they outweighed the bad, I hope you dance just one more time to that one song with dad

I hope you have my same hobbies, you know how much the garden meant, though in the future plants might cost way more than rent

I hope you get more tattoos, assuming you have the cash, an old lady with a ton of tatts would seem a real badass

I hope you did what's right, fighting back against the system was always a goal, you better have swayed America out of capitalist control

I hope you still are funny, seeing Megan in stiches is always highly blessed, you know I can't keep this snappy wit suppresed!

I hope you still write poetry, its good to get the feelings out, rhyming this poem wasn't the wisest option no doubt

I hope you find this message, at a time thats good for you, I look forward to seeing how much we grew

I hope you are doing well, but most important thing of all, I hope you won this scholarship just in time for fall!

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