Me or Me

Often times I wonder what others see when they see me
If they see me
or the me they want me to be
Not the me that I present but the girl with unfound dreams
Never the positives or aspirations only the negativities
The things I try to hide consistently shine the brightest
Rummaging in the dark cursed with social blindness
Aloof and misguided still I try to set me free
But chains of depression bind me
Confining me to the very places I run from
Never forgetting where I come from
Yet I don't long to be back where I've come from
I just want to move on
Seems like every move I make comes out all wrong
Each brick that I add makes the whole building come undone
The only words I know to speak
Are from the same old worn song
Lost alone confused I play it over and over on repeat
To my comfort zone I retreat
Each time I'm knocked off my feet
Punched and pounded left dying in the street
Piercing stares surround me but not a soul
comes to my aid
I wonder what they see as I lie there in my grave
Didn't want to say goodbye yet but now my heart needs to know before I'm gone
Just what me did you see
Have you seen
All along?

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Amazing! I love the rythem of the poem and how intimate with the reader it can be. Your poem is beautiful in every which way, and it was a joy to read! It is easily my favorie poem on here. :)


Thank you for your kind words!

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