Me, Myself & Life

Fri, 09/05/2014 - 02:59 -- Akorede


Minnesota State University, Mankato
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United States
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I wake up and I am fifteen,

Years past and he looks at me.

Who is he but myself in grief,

What have I done and what do I do.

Who am I and who are you,

Am I black or am I blue,

I am black but he is blue.

What they see is who they want,

What I see is he who wants.

What he wants is heights unreached,

Paths to take he knows not which.

Strive he must to one day feel,

Like the sky so surreal.

Success in hand is the plan,

But impossible with life so bland.

What to do but reach the stars,

Life in bland does not go far.

Family behind I must move on,

Bring them with they're never gone.

Duty calls when family cries,

Duty calls when family sighs.

Family is as family does,

Great son does as great son must.

Great son cries to be the one,

To end the days of family pun,

To stun a mass of everyone,

I turn to blue to face the sun.

Nineteen now and haven't won,

Worry not for I am strong,

Strong I am for I belong.

To a class of those in blue,

Blue in mind is the clue.

Mind has now start anew,

For it now knows what to do.

Achieve I will but until,

Strive I will for uphill.


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