me, myself and i


inspired by: nmiller14   Why nobody wants to see me? I mean of course they look at what they choose to look But just at my face and not my mind They see my skin tone and my demeanor And think it'll be easy to perceive me as a hoodlum based on my dialects They measure my features and not my heart They'd rather know my presence, than my art They try to befriend me until I let them know That it's so easy for me to say no, period I mean, yes I could give you my word of honor But not the me that you all want I can give you my focus and my dedication and my inspiration and my thoughts But that me just isn't good enough for you The real me isn't real enough for you You want a me that acts like the rest i'm not like the rest, i stand out from the rest And the people that allow others to make them And people that allow others to change them i will not give you my all i will give you my best I can only give you the intellegence and the cleverness And the laughter and the love of me we'll see who actually love me for who i am and not what i have

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MVP-Most Valuable Poet

its bold

its honest

its truthful

i'm glad that it woke somebody

thank you for the support daileye

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MVP-Most Valuable Poet

wrote a new poem called words are............

i was inspire by your poem words

i wanted to resonate and express similar idea in a different way

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