Me Myself and I

I trace the contours of my body,

I am the person who induces the goosebumps that i wish some man, 

or woman,



I know my weaknesses,

I know how to play up my strengths,

I know the faces I make when I feel as hard as stone,

I know the pain I feel for the people whom have died in more ways than one. 


I know what I'm craving, 

I know what I see as I look into the mirror,

I know that my eyes arent level, 

I know that my lips are thin,

nor thick. 


I know what to expect when I wake up after my alarm, 

I knew what I meant when I said, "Forever Indignant.",

I know the title I took isn't full potential for me, 

Not at all...


I see a monster with tan skin and dark eyes, 

Dark eyes that shine in the light, 

Dark hair billowing down my back, 

A complete succubus.


But I am the one. 


I am the one who loves me totally and completely, 

Forever fighting a battle against myself, 

to protect myself,

I am the one I cry to. 


I'm in love with myself, 

and my demons have followed suit,

so if I can do this, 


Why can't you?

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