Me, Myself, and I

Sometimes  I wonder

If I am I me and then who is she?

She is exactly who I want to be,

She is the laughter in the wind

The giggles of the brook

The story written in a book.

She is the one with wild curly black hair

The one who can stop

you with a simple glare.

She is the girl in the class who will

always stop to make you laugh.


So who is she?  Well, that girl is me.

The girl with a history,

present, and future,

So who am I? I am me

And that is all that I can truly ask to be.

The war I fight is mine alone,

But all the while I rule my life

on top of my golden throne.


The flame in me  at times
has gone quite dim

I've tried to drown my demons

But they sadly know how to swim

With the loss of the  loved ones

I held quite dear.

Even though they are so far

To my heart, they are near.


12 pairs of eyes that see right

through my disguise,

Are the ones I see at

the place I call home

They are the eyes that truly see

The person I am,

The person I can be.

So who am I?

I am she and I love the

women I've come to be



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