Me, my self and lies

Pills, weed, drinks and me

Introduced to the devil                      we danced for a life time

Constantly feeding me pain, sarrow and deppression

As if all my wounds were healed

All my suffering was gone

He saved me and nurtured me into his heart

Slowly accepting the transformation

Feeling even more comfortable and more hungry


My lust for him was now a tainted love

Finally becoming his mistress          his own

Graduating from liquid to pill to powder

From smoke to line to needles

Forever we danced                    Forever we loved


Until one day I started to decay

Believing that I would rot away

Slowly my heart grew cold

I felt nothing anymore                   I felt alone

Finally realizing that the day had come

He finally controlled my heart                 now dead inside

Now damed forever to dance with the dvil




This poem is just an inside to my forever sinister life. Constantlu dealing with my changing mind, soulless body and cold heart. A dance with the Devil might last you forever


The fact that it truly gives you an insight to thr world and control of drugs and its lonley cold road.


The fact that it gives you and inside look to the world and terror of drugs and the people that inhabit them.


You shouldn't put "The World" , as a whole, to be associated with evil. I think your poem was brillient and was work of true talent. Study the world around you, and when you are able to see it all, to come to an understanding of the perks and faults the world is divided into, show the world how you see it in your eyes. Also keep in mind "the World" doesnt have to be any one elses, it can be yours. Your life your walk, Luna's world.

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